Client Testimonials

Exceeding High Expectations

"Marianne came very highly recommended from more than one well respected tax attorneys that I knew, and although I had high expectations due to those glowing recommendations, she easily exceeded those expectations. She took the fear out of a complicated and stressful situation, and I could not be happier."

-Partner at AmLaw100 law firm
Orange County, California
A tax client

A Happy Client

"Before I met with attorney Marianne Man, I had previously consulted with another tax attorney who told me that I did not have a good chance at prevailing against my spouse with an IRS Innocent Spouse Relief request. I was also told by this other tax attorney that I was too educated and that the facts in my case didn't warrant an IRS innocent spouse relief.When I was referred to attorney Marianne Man for her expertise in handling Innocent Spouse Relief cases, Ms. Man carefully listened to the facts of my case, and determined that while the IRS receives approximately more than 50,000 Innocent Spouse Relief claims each year, and grants less than 50% of those requests, she told me I had a shot at prevailing in my tax case. I am very glad that she decided to take my case because she methodically guided me through each step of the process and took great care to gather all the difficult and appropriate personal and financial facts necessary to build a strong case, and her precise and well thought out presentation of my story coupled with supporting financial information ultimately led to the IRS ruling in my favor for the entire amount of the remaining of outstanding IRS tax liability, which amounted to more than $200,000! I was so happy and relieved that I prevailed with the help of Ms. Man. Without Ms. Man's guidance, I would not have known how to present or argue my case in the best light. And, we are not done yet. Ms. Man will now seek refunds on my behalf from the the State of California Franchise Tax Board under the CA FTB Innocent Spouse Relief exception. I would highly recommend Marianne Man to anyone faced with navigating the challenging path towards securing Innocent/Equitable Spouse Relief. Words of thanks will never be enough. Your help has been life changing for me."

-Marla S.
Larkspur, California
A tax client

Tax Controversy Client

"Marianne Man of The Tax CounselTM did a great job handling my IRS tax case. Because of her knowledge of tax law and experience in dealing with the IRS, Ms. Man miraculously discovered about half a million dollars of net operating losses that my previous CPA told me was disallowed by the IRS was actually allowed, and prevailed in getting the IRS in U.S. Tax Court to allow the entire $500,000 of net operating losses on my tax returns. As a result, I saved a few hundred thousand dollars in taxes, and instead of having the IRS breathing down my neck, I now have my life back and can start building my business up again! I highly recommend Marianne. 5 STARS!"

Orange County, California
A tax client

Best Legal Representation

"I was impressed by Marianne's concern for my legal needs. Marianne represented me extremely well and brought my legal concerns to a quick resolution, with which I was very pleased. I was especially impressed by her thoughtfulness in keeping me constantly updated throughout the negotiating process. I believe that I received the best legal representation available through this association."

Orange County, California
A business client

Tax Controversy Client

"I had a tax issue regarding alimony that I reported in my tax return that could [have] caused me to forfeit tens of thousands of dollars to [the] IRS (back taxes, interest and penalty). Marianne helped me to negotiate with the IRS. Throughout the ordeal, I was really getting discouraged, but she never let up. After about 8 months, she got my money back from the IRS. When she called me about the news, I could not believe my [ears]. Great job and great work! I might also add she was very reasonable with her fee. I recommend her highly for anyone that has a tax problem."

Orange County, California
A tax client

Significant Reduction in IRS Interest and Penalties

"Marianne Man listened well to the facts of my case and immediately responded with a plan of action. She did not require needless or senseless amounts of information or conversation with me to increase her "billable hours," as so many times the case with some attorneys. Marianne was excellent in fact finding details and direct with the options of resolution. I liked her style and promptness in managing and resolving my case which had been ongoing for several years. She is very knowledgeable and competent in the tax arena. Marianne Man was able to reduce my IRS interest and penalties by approximately 50%!"

Orange County, California
A tax client

Dominant In Knowledge of Tax Law

"Ms. Man demonstrated an exceptional level of understanding and expertise in tax law and concisely resolved a significant tax liability facing two corporations in which I was an owner. She was able to resolve it so that we did not have to pay the IRS anything, and we had faced almost a 6 figure liability. Throughout the process, she was calm, compassionate and truly on top of the problem. She charged a fair rate that was well worth it, given her results. I continue to call on her anytime I have tax concerns with my current company. I HIGHLY recommend this attorney."

Orange County, California
A tax client

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Why Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

  • A tax attorney gives you the benefit of attorney-client privilege whereas an accountant can only offer attorney-client privilege if acting at the direction of a lawyer to give client information regarding the case.
  • A tax attorney specializes in resolving legal concerns regarding tax planning while a CPA or accountant may focus more on managing finances and filing tax returns.
  • A tax attorney is trained to defend you in legal actions if the IRS files a lawsuit against you, starts a tax fraud or criminal investigation against you, and can be your legal advocate if you want to file a lawsuit against the IRS.
  • At The Tax Counsel,TM we also help you to discover the tax implications of your choice of business entity and can help you review your contracts for legal as well as tax implications.
  • At The Tax Counsel,TM approximately 70 to 80% of our business comes from referrals from CPAs and other lawyers. We work hand-in-hand with accountants, CPAs, and other lawyers to serve the best interests of our clients.
  • Not every tax attorney specializes in defending clients against the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board. At The Tax Counsel,TM that's our focus.
  • Mrs. Dawson-Man is a tax lawyer with over 15 years of unique well-rounded legal experience. Please see more about her experience below and CLICK HERE to read the testimonials.
  • At The Tax Counsel,TM because we see the triggers that start IRS audits nearly every day, we are in a unique position to help you plan to avoid those triggers.
  • At The Tax Counsel,TM we can help you analyze your investments in acquisition of businesses and in the sale of your business from a tax law perspective. Mrs. Dawson-Man was named a top attorney in Mergers & Acquisitions by Los Angeles magazine in its Super Lawyers edition. Getting into a partnership is akin to getting married in many respects. One would be wise to have the transaction analyzed from a tax law perspective from an attorney who is experienced in defending IRS tax audits BEFORE one invests in a business partnership.

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