Platinum Family Office Management PlanTM

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Are you frustrated by the lack of coordination and response time among your various advisers (e.g., lawyers, accountants, investment bankers, etc.)? Have you thought about setting up your own single family office to gain greater control over your assets? Are you discovering that the annual costs of running a single family office (e.g., rent, insurance, salaries, furniture, education, legal and corporate compliance issues, etc.) are more than the benefits of having a single family office? Are you looking for a more cost-effective solution for your desire to gain greater control over your assets and your overall mission? Do you need a trusted adviser who is not only qualified, knowledgeable, and capable, but is also responsible, responsive, and well-connected to act a "quarterback" for your overall mission and objectives for your family as well as for your business so that you and your family can concentrate on what is truly important to you? Under the Platinum Family Office Management PlanTM, we act as your trusted and knowledgeable project leader for your overall business and family mission, allowing you focus on what is important to you.

Our Platinum Family Office Management PlanTM includes:

  • Dedicated project "quarterback" who fully understands your family's overall mission and is responsive and accessible to you via text, email and phone conveniently via The Tax Counsel's android and iPhone app.
  • Family vision and governance
  • Heir preparation counseling
  • Tax audit and tax controversy planning
  • Monthly meetings or quarterly meetings
  • Business entity creation
  • Business succession planning
  • Customized introductions to insurance, lifestyle, financial and other legal advisers on an as-needed basis
  • Coordination of key advisers and building of round table of key advisers for Client which may include the following:
    • Payroll services
    • Benefits consultant
    • Labor attorney
    • Receivables collection specialist
    • HR consultant
    • Probate attorney
    • Buyer to purchase business entities
    • Security firm specialist
    • Banker
    • Tax return preparation firm
    • PR consultant
    • Insurance consultant
    • Financial services consultant
    • Staffing specialist
    • Event and marketing specialist
    • Concierge services specialist

For more information regarding the Platinum Family Office Management PlanTM, please call us at (949) 260-2078 to schedule an appointment.

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